Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Notes From SL turns 100

This might just blow any chances we could have ever had at getting advertising on this blog, not that we were looking for it. But I thought I'd just report that on July 21st 2008 Notes from SL had its 100th unique visitor, for the month of July that is - the most we've had since going live in February. For those of you (and I'm suspecting it might be about 23.6 percent) who are into statistics we've also had 175 page views and anyone who showed up looked at 1.65 pages. Which means they might be missing a lot, like bouncing breasts or pole dancing dragons.
Or, actually, maybe those are the only two pages being read.


Eaton said...

Okay, in all honesty... I log on to the blog from 3 different computers, so I'm skweing the statistics some.

Matilda said...

cheat cheat lol