Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ten things to say when caught naked online

1) I just teleported in and my clothes are still rezzing.
2) I am teleporting away. And my clothes have gone on ahead.
3) I was asked by the Lindens to disrobe. It lessens lag, you know.
4) I'm going to protest against people wearing fur here.
5) I am clothed - its just really, really skimpy.
6) I always teleport naked. It goes faster that way.
7) I got these at that store "The Emperor's New Clothes". Why, what's the problem?
8) Oh, I only rent my clothes. I guess they just got repossed.
9) They were pretty old. Don't you have problems with clothes detiriation?
10) Well, at least I'm not wearing anything from Xcite. What, I am!!!?


Rhett said...

I have been caught nude soooooooooo many times.....on purpose!