Friday, June 27, 2008

Going hardgor

Just recently I asked if there was anything particular anyone wanted us to write about and got the request that more about what Gor and Goreans are about would be nice. I’m happy to fulfil that call to duty must admit on the other hand that I know about us much about Gor as I do about Thai semantics. I think, though, that one of the more important things about Goreanism is the slave bit – it has at least been what has interested me most. That and running around shirtless with a sword.

So, if I’m going to discover Gor for this blog I’ll probably have to have a slave. I’ve therefore set up this little application questionnaire for slaves in spe that will hopefully show your aptitude and attitude. Don’t blame me for any mistakes; I have no idea what I’ve written here. (So what’s new)

Slave application form:

Note: If you have troubles filling in the bubbles with those iron cuffs on try „right click / detach“

During a drink serving session how man times are you required to kiss the glass?
( ) 10
( ) Kiss the what?
( ) Kiss the glass? You can kiss everything but the gl in the last sentence!

What would be your first sentence when greeting your master?
( ) „Greetings Master, I am at your command“
( ) „Wassup? Cool broadsword, dude“
( ) „What the hell do you think you’re doing coming in at this hour?“

Upon rezzing at a location what pose/animation would you most likely use?
( ) Nadu or tower
( ) What’s a nadu? What’s a tower. I’d stay standing.
( ) I’ve got this „crotch kick“ I might want to try out on you.

Being collared means...
( ) ...that I have found a Master to follow and obey.
( ) ...I’m logging into SL as a dog?
( ) …I got nabbed by the cops. Happens all the time.

What might a typical description of yours be while doing the nadu?
( ) .../me kneels to the ground before you, her petite body arching and her pert breasts tightening as her head is cast down
( ) .../me is still not sure what a nadu is.
( ) .../me ain’t naduing for anybody, no mater what it might be.

Why do you want to become a kajira?
( ) To submit to the power of another fulfils me.
( ) I’ll answer that one as soon as I find out what a nadu is.
( ) Who ever said I did?

Are you a white silk kajira, that is a glana – or an „opened“ red silk slave?
( ) I have been saving myself for you, Master.
( ) If the opened red silk isn’t to revealing I might go for that.
( ) You really do have no idea what you’re talking about, right? Well, at least we have that in common.

Say in two words or less what you feel about being a krajira.
( ) Yes, Master.
( ) Uh, what?
( ) F**k off!