Friday, June 6, 2008

No news is.... well no news

A few people have mentioned that I haven't posted anything here for a while and complained. I'd like to reply to that. The problem is, I say, "I can seem to find anything clever to say at the moment." And usually I then hear: "Oh, that hasn't stopped you from publishing earlier posts."

Anyway. I'd like to promise that Notes From SL is still very much alive and what looks like rigor mortis is actually just a state of deep thought. I have a number of topics rattling around my head to write about. Some good, some bad, some bland, some sort of like those littles stones or maybe they're beans put in Mexican gourds and just rattling for their own sake.

So, instead of deciding to write the one thing or the other, I've decided to put a few ideas up to vote. I mention the topic and you say things like "No". Or "Ehm.. NOT!" Or maybe even "I'm off to read that blog about frog mating again, sorry."

Anyway. Here goes, my ideas to blog about:
1) Dance Balls: Is being out of sync bad style?
2) Anonymous: Why your Ave is not as hidden as you think
3) Show Transperancy: Why didn't Linden Labs name it "Reveal Pervert?"
4) Hot Sax: The best Club in SL ever. A place every one should visit and support. The easiest ways to give tips, how to invite your friends, how to pass LMs of Sax to other people.
5) Unsolicited plugs: Notes From SL in pay of certain Jazz Clubs?
6) Ruth-Less: And why you are, deep down in your SL soul a woman (Ruth) and don't know it
7) That's so Gor'ing: Why running around with a sword (and a slave) gets tedious after a while.
8) Note from SL predicts the election: Because.. well like.. Obama's gonna win (you heard it here first).
9) Places not to go to in SL: Because I'll have to go back there, though I don't want to and LM them and then you'll go there although I warned you not to.
10) Ten reasons why you should visit Hot Sax regularly.

Sooooooo.... feel free to add your comments, or add other ideas of what we here at Notes From SL could write about


Anonymous said...

I vote for 7, cuz I'm too dumb to figure out for myself what the point of Goreans is.

Eaton said...

Then Goreans it will be!

Just as soon as I find myself a sword, something leathery to strap my loins with and a slave. We are now opening applications for slaves, by the way (but give me some time to find out what the qualifications should be).