Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Yesterday evening I had the chance to throw back French scientific research by about a hundred years, which would have put them in the time of Antoine Henri Becquerel or Gabriel Lippmann so maybe not a bad thing.

I was cooling my heels at Hot Sax and staring at my shoes a a French guy arrived carrying a torch and asked if anyone would be interested in answering a few question he had for a study his university was doing. I took another look at my shoes and decided they needed a rest....

Eaton: Hiya... so what questions do you have? Must people don’t ask interview questions with a torch in their hand.

French Guy: does it mean anything to be wearing a torch?

Eaton: nope... but I'd say that generally... people don't wear torches in SL.. has a nice Olympic touch though

French Guy: ok first thank you for helping me

Eaton: np... wear your torch.. you can wear anything here that you like

Eaton: so... your questions are?

French Guy: I see your avatar but i would like to know how do you see it yourself? Could you describe it briefly

Eaton: Basically this Ave is a male… maybe about 25 to 29 years old, he is based on the Raj shape and has a dark he has been mistaken to be an African American, but the goal was to make him seem more Indian in appearance

French Guy: what do you think the other people imagine when they see your avatar?

Eaton: Well, people who have been online for a while will notice that time and some money has been invested in him

French Guy: What is the thing that you particular like most of your Avatar ?

Eaton: ah... hmmm...

Eaton: He looks a hell of a lot better then I do in RL?

Eaton: I like that about him.

French Guy: And to the other side, are there things that don’t fully satisfy you?

Eaton: Sure.... finding good clothes for him is, as a male here, difficult

French Guy: I heard there are more clothes for female

Eaton: That’s true... lean over and I'll cry on your shoulder about that…

French Guy: What are the thing you do most often on SL ?

Eaton: I stand around here at Sax chatting up people

Eaton: I do photography

French Guy: Are they things that you don’t have (enough) the opportunity to do in the real life ?

Eaton: I explore, meet, discover and conect

Eaton: connect* (I do a lot of correcting my spelling too)

French Guy: that is what you don’t have the opportunity to do in RL?

Eaton: ah.. clever question.

Eaton: Well.... yes and no. All of the above are also possible in RL, but it's much easier to invest an hour of time here and meet, for example someone from France (like yourself), then from the UK, then Italy, an American, then on to Brazil, China etc etc etc

Eaton: I can't do that in an hour in RL

French Guy: i understand its usefull

Eaton: oh.. useful isn’t the right word

Eaton: it's entertaining

Eaton: and enlightening

French Guy: entertaining yeah=)

French Guy: Are there things that you would purchase on SL but that you wouldn’t purchase in the real life ?

Eaton: like a skin.. or a body shape or hair?

Eaton: well.. I can't, legally purchase a skin in RL...

French Guy: Do you think that you take the same profit from the SL experience without purchasing anything ?

Eaton: ah.. no I don't. I don't think necessarily that purchasing is the experience... it's what the purchase allows you to do that enhances the experience

French Guy: Can you cite a real life brand which exists on SL ?

Eaton: well American Apparel had a store her.. IBM is present, and there are a number of people who offer brand names without a license

French Guy: Do you think that the SL experience should be close to the reality? Explain

Eaton: I think, speaking generally, that people can experience SL on many levels...

Eaton: I have a good friend who enjoys wandering around as a possum

Eaton: that certainly doesn't mirror RL

Eaton: And take a look around this place

French Guy: ..

Eaton: Full of 20+ year olds... is that mirroring RL?

Eaton: There's a guy here holding a torch... that's fine with me as well

French Guy: I understand what you mean

French Guy: Can you describe yourself? Which are the traits that describe you best?

Eaton: Hmmmmmmm... I'm extremely chatty, sometimes polite, interested, open to new ideas, adventurous and enjoy coffee

French Guy: How do the others describe you in the real life?

Eaton: Tight lipped, rude, a bit of a bore, conservative, a bit of a coward and a coffee lover

Eaton: but seriously...

Eaton: I might be a bit less of everything in RL

French Guy: How would you ideally like to be (which personality traits?) How would you like to be seen by the others ?

Eaton: Prety much what I stated above.. Interesting, open, etc...

French Guy: do you have a permanent resident on SL?

Eaton: yes I do and yes, it's an indulgence and yes, do I need it? No, I won't be sleeping in a dustbin when I log off

French Guy: Did you ever create items in SL?

Eaton: yes.. I've created a lamp that has been... that has had.. or received some attention

French Guy: How much do you waste monthly (L$) ?

Eaton: hmm.. "waste"? That sounds like a loaded question!

French Guy: how much do you spend?

Eaton: well.. Land fees are about 30 dollars.. then tack on maybe another 30.. and that might be it- it fluctuates

French Guy: Do you think you are : 1)a beginner 2)experimented 3)an expert?

Eaton: 2)(Note outside of the interview: I guess he meant experienced... now I'm not so sure about my asnwer!!!)

French Guy: How much time do you spend weekly in SL ?

Eaton: Hmmm.. is "Too much" an okay answer?

French Guy: lol

French Guy: just tell me about how much

Eaton: Great.....well it too fluctuates.. but I'd say... hmm

Eaton: 20 maybe?

French Guy: could you tell me Personal identity in 1st life: name, age, gender, occupation, nationality

Eaton: Nope

Eaton: ok.. that was a downer..

Eaton: I'm American.. just a tad over 40, am male and work in the media business

French Guy: what is your Second life birth date

Eaton: okay.. Don’t tell me this was all a come on and you want to go off someplace with me

French Guy: I don’t understand what you mean

Eaton: doesn't mater.. better that you don't.. sorry.. please continue

French Guy: what is your Second life birth date?

Eaton: 4th of Jan. 2008