Friday, April 18, 2008

Economic Whoas

I’ve always felt mildly embarrassed when I meet a builder in SL. Usually, because without a second thought I pipe up and mention that I’ve built stuff too.

"What are you into.“ They ask, "Housing, attachments, furniture...?“

I proudly hand them over my one – and only – creation.

"What’s that?“ they usually say. And even without Voice Chat I can hear that undertone one knows so well from when you’ve passed on a dead rat to someone.

"It’s a lamp. And it glows in the dark!“ I add hastily. "And, I... ehm... wanted to keep it minimal and simplistic. It's done a bit in the style of... Erik Magnussen," I add the last bit after quickly googling "minimalistic design".

This is about the time when they suddenly realize that they have that important „SL-Builders Conference“ to go to - which I, for some strange reason, can never find in events.

Okay, I can’t build. I’m pretty good at boxes and can just manage a ball, but as soon as it gets to putting two things together I curse my parents for taking away my Lego blocks. I seem to lack the eye, talent and patience to be a builder in SL. So I really admire what they do.

I also feel a bit sorry for them though. Even the most complex thing I have bought in SL cost me no more then about 3000 Linden. That’s not even 10 US-dollars, Or 482 Afghanistan Afghanis or 31 Malaysian Ringgits. How can these guys make a living?

I suspect they just don’t.

Let me just do some armchair economic number fiddling. Let’s say a decent suit would cost me, erring on the high side, 1000 Linden – or about 3 Dollars (or 3.72 Bulgarian Leva). How many of these would I have to sell to lead an easily life, in – let’s say – a trailer park somewhere just out side of Tuskege, Alabama? About 300 a month, I’d guess – if Pa paid for his whiskey himself. Are the SL-Builders getting that kind of money, rocking on their chairs outside in the humidity and hearing the virtual cash register go “Ka.Ching”?

I doubt it. Or, to stay in character: Thay'rs mo chance of a possum becomin' pr'sdent.

This sort of makes me feel better when I sorrowfully turn my meagre lamp in my hands. It also makes me want to go out and buy, help the economy, help people move out of the trailer park. I hope it does the same for you….

By the way, would you be interested in a lamp?


Erin said...

Hahahaha I remember that lamp. I think that's a million linden lamp!


Eaton said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaawww... thanks! Care to buy another...? the price has just been hiked :)

Anonymous said...

Typical man.
Ask for a 3 bedroom chalet bungalow, and what do you get ???
a lamp.....................


Anonymous said...

its the modern equivalent of a handfull of beans