Monday, February 25, 2008

The Dragon's Diary: Day 3 or maybe it's already 4/ Dragon in Doubt

Weekends: the peak in any prostituting career, the heyday of hookering, the summit of sublime sensual sex for sale. And how did the Dragon spend it? Gloomily moping around, waiting for a call. I have a friend who earns some 20,000 on a good weekend, what has the Dragon to show? Zilch, nada, nichts, nothing. The only hits I’m getting on the ads are from the owners of the sims, probably hoping I’ll continue to rent.

Things are, in a word, not going well. Again.

Let me relate just a brief interlude that exemplifies what the Dragon up against. Last night, Sunday, the rock bottom – I hope – of escorting I found myself at one of the Sex sims (I probably was looking for “dance clubs”, maybe “book clubs” or even “social clubs” in search. It doesn’t matter what you type in, you’ll always land in a sex place, a Gorean Island or next to some Goth eventually). I was immediately chatted up but an escort - who I then explained, rather coldly, that I too was a escort and asked if she’d like to have my card.

“Ehm… no… I don’t need an escort either, hun”.

“Come on, don’t knock anything until you’ve tried it. And just take a look – it’s actually rather funny in parts.”

She heed and hawed but eventually let me pass the Dragon’s business card to her.

A moment of silence ensued.

“Are you serious!!!!???” she exclaimed.

“Well, ehm, yes… more or less.” I thought the notecard pretty much said it all.

“You don’t get much business, do you?”

“It’s okay” I hauntingly replied. “I can’t complain.” There is nothing worse then being told by another escort that you have the desirability of an STD. “I’ve had, ehm, offers.”

“From who????”

“I’m sorry, professional ethic restrains me from naming names.”

“You don’t have any!!!!”

In Real Life we would have gone into a “do to – do not” exchange for a while, but I think it being Sunday evening we were both just to lazy too type.

Honestly, it’s not a problem of not having any clients. I don’t want any. But it’s a bit like standing at the edge of the dance floor at Hot Sax. You may not want to dance with SpiritualSophi or DirtyDan (depending on your inclinations). But you at least want to be asked!


Biffi said...

I think someone should write a book