Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Dragon's Diary: Day 1/ Ads and Advances

This is going better then I suspected. If you remember the last post, we here at Notes from SL have decided to set the Dragon up as an escort. I had expected a week of rumination and reflection why reptilian services might not be in high order in SL, but yesterday has changed my mind.

I think it might just have something to do with the ads. And maybe the flames and especially the tongue. Yesterday I went out and began plastering SL with ad boards for Dragon Escort Services. They provide a lengthy description of what we offer (or, more specifically what we don’t, thanks to Tia's sense of protection). For those of you who can’t find them we will reprint it here. Many thanks to Tia for adding her advice, especially on what our services do not entail.

Thank you for your interest in DRAGON ESCORT SERVICES

Are you looking for the hottest thing you can find?

Some one to really light your fire?

You clicked on the right place.

And we hope you like Dragons, because Dragons are what we have to offer! The raciest reptiles in Second Life!

Before you IM us, please take a note of what we do NOT offer.

DRAGON ESCORT SERVICES is only available for damsels, maids, ladies-in-waiting and similar folk. We do not provide our services to pages or yeomen. And NO KNIGHTS WHATSOEVER!


We do not do:

  • Whipping- don’t like the sound.
  • Bondage - can't always undo the knots and where's the scissors when you need them?
  • Wearing a collar - have been mistaken for a dog before and are scared of them
  • Missionary position - prefer to eat missionaries and wouldn't want to make a mistake and have to give the money back.
  • Oral sex - breath can singe a bit
  • Doggy fashion - see above.
  • Phone sex - you wouldn’t be able tell the difference between a good roar and a heavy breather anyway.
  • Video sex – we don’t have a good side.
  • Dogging style - see above.
  • Eating food from the genital area - unless you like everything to be smoky BBQ flavour.
  • Animal sex - see dogs above.
  • Spanking - hands are a bit scaly. We end up spending too much time washing up hands later.
  • Sex talk - likes to concentrate on what we are doing.
  • Massage – those rough hands again
  • Threesomes - can't cope with the competition.
  • Outdoor sex - get mistaken for a dog - see above.

Everything else considered.

Payment is generally in babbles and/or loot

We have also included a couple of pics to tantalize would be clients. Here a small selection:

Reclining at the Beach

Pole dancing (What's he got, that I do not?)

Skinny dipping!

And, in closing, one last pic and some news. The Dragon is now also a Platinum Escort at the aptly named Platinum Escort Club. Here we see him hanging out with some new friends and/or colleagues.


Anonymous said...

hi there,

you are really a hot dragon. i think i will have a date with you. ^^


Anonymous said...

You just can't keep your claws off escorts can you????. Think its a trip to the vet for you.......


Eaton said...

Tia, please - let's not start the whole neutering discussion again!