Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 signs in Real Life that you are taking Second Life too seriously

1) You take a picture of your avi to the hairdresser and say: “Like that!” – even more serious if you ask for prim shampoo when leaving.
2) You ask people standing at the bus stop if they’re having TP problems as well.
3) You don’t go to the changing room at the store when trying on new clothes.
4) You actually believe that you can tango.
5) You spend hours moving things around your home, but haven’t vacuumed the place in weeks.
6) You ask on vacation “how much is that in real money?” – and mean in Lindens.
7) You tap some one on the shoulder when in a group and say "Let's go to IM".
8) You realize that more then 50 percent of your friends have names like Sundance, Moonbeam or Pussycat.
9) You ask when buying furniture how many prims it has.
10) You read this blog every day, even if we don't post anything new.


Anonymous said...

loved these 10 signs...