Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spaced out

I just got a notecard in SL that I haven’t been coming to my astrology classes and the sender was wondering why. I was wondering why too, because as far as I know, I’ve never been to astrology classes either in SL or RL. Maybe they know something about me I don’t, but you’d expect that from a decent astrologer.
On closer reading I discover it’s nothing more than a bit of advertising. And it’s spooky in the way only astrologers can be and make you wish they wouldn’t walk around with those sharp crystals or pointy pyramids.
My life's mission to to alert you and everyone to the magnificence of Astrology's ability to show your connection to the the Universe, to light your Path (whatever it may be) and to illuminate your Profile, Events, and interpersonal meaning,” the notecard states. That is Very nice of Them, I think, though I Wonder why they use all the Capitals. And I’m not entirely sure I want my profile or events illuminated, and at no extent my interpersonal meaning.
Remember, Astrology isn't just about "All is One," or "we know everything already." Astrology is practical too. Astrology helps it to be possible to "Really know" because it's in your nitty-gritty and current truth and disruption.” I almost want that to just stand there without comment, but I can’t. Astrology is in my nitty gritty? And in my current truth? And my disruption? I can’t help but think that astrology, pardon, Astrology is for confused people – and that has me more than confused.
Astrology reveals your unconscious game plan (made before your current incarnation)…” OMG, they know my previous ave, they’re on to me!
It walks in dilligent delight to show you yourself…” … as alliterations are awesomely added to advance aural assimilation without accepting any aid to apply. Or mean anything.
It goes on like this for a few more lines. Or to be more exact: It Continuously comments on Cosmic Contexts.