Sunday, May 23, 2010

A History of Second Life in 100 Objects: The Intro

Plagiary, someone said, is the highest form of flattery.
In fact, let me restate that. Plagiary, I have always said, is the highest form of flattery. Those of you familiar with the BBC program ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’ will know that these new, sporadic postings entitled ‘A History of Second Life in 100 Objects’ is not really original. So be it. In the BBC program, British Museum director Neil MacGregor rummages through the back rooms of the museum, plucking items out – apparently at random – and tells their tale. A bit like a fuddy-duddy old pensioner who has had a port too many and is afraid you’ll be heading for the door if he stops finding things to show you.
Alas, one of the most delightful things about the program, and one I cannot plagiarize in mere writing, is the terrifically posh voices the participants in the radio show use. Macgreor himself has that nasal play on all his words that makes them seem to coagulate in the back reaches of throat before they come out in a mucky consonant clot. A bit like this: ‘We a loo’in a a fun spe saw min.’ (We are looking at a fine specimen…) I can’t be bothered trying to write like that. I’m just stealing the title in the hope that it’ll give me loads of cross-references, allowing me to become rich and famous while riding on the coattails of the BBC.