Thursday, May 21, 2009

FBIng it

You know those billboards that post your picture at a store or venue whenever you TP in? Those that say “Last Visitor” – and occasionally make you cringe because you, inadvertently of course, teleported to some place called “Hot Fetish Lovers”? Well, there is one more billboard (beyond the afore mentioned) where you really don’t want to show up.

The FBI, reports “Virtual Worlds News”, is experimenting with putting up billboards with their Ten Most Wanted fugitives on it.
I tried to find one, but putting “Ten Most Wanted” into search in SL gave me (and somehow I’m not surprised) “Ten Most Wanted Gor Slaves” as the first link.

Searching for FBI was equally unsuccessful. And somehow I feel that the FBI’s attempt to find fugitives via SL will not be any more successful. I mean, can you imagine looking for social deviants in SL? It’s hard enough avoiding them at times!