Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perfect Measurements: 43-29-43

There are things in SL you ask people you wouldn’t dream of doing in RL. Like the question “What’s your breast size,” just to grab an example out of the air. Well, I’ve just done that with three friends.

But before you think I’m overly mammary mesmerized, may I explain: I’ve been wondering what the perfect measurements in SL might be. I’m not even sure what they are considered to reach in RL, but Google tells me it might just be 36-24-36, though those might be the numbers before augmentation came of age. Well, from the little data I gleamed from my friends and then averaged, measurements in SL are 55-32-39. (NB: It’s not Bust/Waist/Hips in SL but Breast Size/Love Handles/Hip Width I’m working with here.)

My friends don’t even appear that busty in SL, but at that ratio they’d be wandering around in RL with 43 size breasts. A nice thought, but I digress.

Let’s draw our eyes, reluctantly, from breast size to the hips. Using the same waist to breast ratio SL-women in RL would have 43 size hips. Imagine how often you’d have to say “No, of course it doesn’t look fat in those jeans”. It also tells me that my female friends in SL make their hips a bit smaller in SL.

Fiddling around with the math a bit more, I come to the result that the perfect waist size in SL – if 43 is the perfect breast and hip size – should be 29. Interestingly enough a much smaller number than my friends have chosen. Anyway, something to ponder.


Anonymous said...

Both the SL and RL measurements sound as unrealistic as each other !!!!!