Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby, I ain't lion

This is just almost funny. In fact, almost too funny to be true. In fact, almost too funny for me to do anything but just copy and paste the article here.
And, being slightly lazy I'd do that - but I'm also slightly more afraid of getting some mail from a copyright lawyer, so I'll just summarize it.
A woman from North Carolina has been arrested after trying to kidnap her SL boyfriend after he broke off the relationship after they had met in RL. Okay, that’s not really funny, more tragic.
What’s funny is that the article slips in little bits of information and wording on the side that just begs to be commented on. May I point them out:
„Ms Jernigan's boyfriend was a lion while she was a virtual woman.“ The article states. „The two began what police describe as "a full-scale relationship online" in the virtual community, but the man broke it off after they met in person.”
Two or three things immediately pop to mind reading that.
1) Okay, he was a lion, but she a virtual woman. Why the virtual in there – and if it is, why in front of woman instead of lion?
2) “A full-scale relationship online”: As a lion and virtual woman. Doesn’t that make you, well, just wonder?
3) He breaks off the relationship after meeting her. What were her feelings? It seems to me she should have been more surprised after meeting him. Where’s the mane? What happened to your fangs? Why don’t you roar sweet nothings to me?


Emeraldmist Nightfire said...

It seems that the mane problem was that her pride was hurt. :)

Anonymous said...

emeraldmist in nearly peed laughing
MP x

Eaton said...

Yeah Emerald, stop upstaging me with better puns in the comments then I can think of in the posts :)

Materhater said...

I've heard that meeting people in SL, in rl can actually end quite well.