Saturday, March 22, 2008

At a loss for words

Her: wanna

Her: dance

Me: sure.. why not

Me: tango okay with you?

Her: 0h s0rry crashed

Me: np

Me: I'll wander some more.. if you ever get back online just drop me a call (and man do you have a long list of groups you belong to!)

Her: hy

Her: s0rry crashed

Me: thought so :) Sl can be hell sometimes

Me: it's still rezzing for me

Me: okay... shapes and forms now :)

Her: : ]

Me: you took the time to change

Her: yes

Me: waltz okay with you?

Her: 0h yes: ]

Me: So.. your a secret agent I see... I guess you can't talk about it? :)

Her: yes

Me: ehm.. yes as in "yes I can't talk about it"?

Me: by the way.. I also speak German if it is any help

Her: 0h : ]

Me: hmmmmm.. and what is your mother tongue?

Her: ,h s0rry secret: ]

Her: s0rry babe

Me: okay....fine with me

Me: the weather's nice here today :)

Her: yeah

Her: very g00d

Her: : ]

Me: Sooooo.. if we can't talk about you... and we have already talked about the weather

Me: what do we talk about?

Her: nnnnn....: ]

Me: Do you know what the Turning machine is?

Her: n0

Me: It is a theoretical machine... a computer named after Turning

Me: the man who developed the first computer

Her: w0w

Her: y0v are great: ]

Me: Thank you, you are very kind.

Me: The concept behind the Turning machine is a question about artificial intelligence

Me: Turning said that a computer that had real artificial intelligence

Me: should be able to interact with a human

Me: without that human noticing that he was speaking with a computer

Her: yeah

Me: You haven't heard of it? :)

Her: n0

Me: Do you think you would recognize if someone here was a computer or a human?

Her: nnnnn: ]

Me: Sorry.. what does "nnn" mean actually?

Her: secret:]

Her: hahaha: ]

Her: babe....

Me: yes?

Her: d0 y0v have gf

Me: secret... sorry babe :)

Me: Why do you ask?

Her: want t0 be y0vr gf:: ]

Me: hmmmmm

Me: I'm not looking for a girlfriend

Me: or for anything else

Her: 0h

Me: Thank you. S::: it has been a pleasure meeting you. But I must log off now.

Her: 0h

Me: Thank you for the dance

Her: yw babe: ]

Me: and I hope you find your BF :)

Me: See you soon. Take care and have fun.

Me: Bye bye for now

Her: ty babe bye: ]


Anonymous said...

Well I've had worse, usually along the lines of:
Them :" Do you wanna F***"
Me : " No Thank you"
Them : " Why"

..........I mean where do you start ??????

Tia said...

I would suggest that :
" no thank you I have a headache"
would prevent you having to converse with the Moron again.......unless of course he has some virtual paracetamol.......

Anonymous said...

Honestly, do you have to be as nice as to demure with a headache? Wouldn't it be appropriate in those circumstacnes to let rip in a blue streak with a few ripe insults? Aunt Tia, please advise!

Eaton said...

Two things maybe:
Actually the conversation I had, and published here, was pretty much the virtual equivalent of paracetamol - numbing. And I'd suspect that the same could be expected from any other moron.
I'd be a bit careful with letting rip with a slew of ripe insults. You never know if that's not what he's looking for anyway in SL!

Tia said...

Dear Anonymous,

Well its like this.
This is the best opening line I have ever recieved:

" bites his lower lip as he looks across the room.... his eyes falling on a particularly gorgeous beauty...... licking his lips softly as he continues to watch you move through throughout the dancefloor... blushing as you look over to catch him staring..... "hiya sexy"

Personally I would rather save all my energy for this man rather than waste it on Moronman.
However if you want to rant and rave thats entirely a matter for you - I know who is gonna have the best time !!!!!!!!!!


Eaton said...

Although I agree with Tia that the "bites his lower lip…." is a good opening line, I'm not sure that it is in all cases the best even if is well worded, visual and tantalizing and beguiling.
In my opinion a good opening line should be like a good title to a story or newspaper article. It should be unique to the person as the headline is unique to the article. The opening line to someone should be something you could only say to that specific person. That's why I feel well done profiles are so important (as we have written about here. I won’t say that the writer of those lines has used them before, but there is nothing in there to say he hasn’t. I’d be inclined to answer: “I bet you say that to all the girls”.
Secondly, and just as important, I think that most good opening lines should be, well, open. “Open” in what your intentions are and also ”open” in leaving the person you have just IM’d room to manoeuvre. Not sure that line leaves much doubt about the intentions of the sender, to be honest.
But then, maybe I’m just jealous.

Tia said...

LOL Eaton !!!!
By SL standards that was subtle !!!!
Perhaps we should run an opening line contest?

Emeraldmist Nightfire said...'s a Turing machine, not Turning :)

Eaton said...

Thanks for pointing that out Emerlad. I sort of suspected at the time I was the one making a fool of myself - but decided to keep that in there for authencity.