Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gor Text

If you ever want to be bored out of your mind, why not try visiting a Gorean Fireside Discussion. Although my knowledge of all things Gor can be written on a beer coaster (and still leave ample room for telephone numbers) I am actually quite excited before Tia and I TP off.

I envision heated arguments about the merit of one chain above another, some tips about slave keeping 101, harem organization, that sort of thing. Instead we discover a small group of people (and only two naked and chained unfortunately) who are passively talking about something I have no idea about and don’t really care to know.

As we arrive and get told off for offering greetings because the discussion has already begun, one of the members is just shooting off a six line statement from a “Lifesyle Gorean Kajira” ( I suspect as opposed to being a Slob Gorean Kajiras or a White Trash Gorean Kajiras). Heaven knows what a Kajira is, but I’m afraid to ask – Tia’s question (and the only good line that night) about where she can find a good chain store goes unheard, or at least ignored as the members drone on about Men being men and women being women (and slaves while they are at it). I briefly look around for something to eat, finger food or the like, but realize that Gors are not Gor-mets

To gain the right to speak, we learn, you must raise your hand (/me raises hand) and will then be called upon to speak. I thought Goreanism was all about running around with a sword and a nude woman on a leash – but apparently it’s more about reliving your school days (albeit while running around with a sword and a woman on a leash).