Thursday, March 20, 2008

The (Hot) Body Politic

At Notes from SL we like to keep up with politics.

While we were a bit slow to blog the fall of the Roman Empire we are occasionally on our toes and would like to react to Spitzer’s escort scandal. Eliot Spitzer is, as you may know, the former governor of New York who stumbled/swan dived and then resigned over a call girl scandal after the New York Times reported that „ investigators learned that the money was being moved to pay for sex and that the transactions were being manipulated to conceal Mr. Spitzer’s connection to payments for meetings with prostitutes“.

What does that have to do with Second Life? Well, besides wanting to quote the NY-Times here to give us a touch of class, not much. We could argue that, had Spitzer been in SL, he could have paid thousands of dollars (Linden) a shot (sorry) for similar virtual services. And, having written that, we’d have throw in some pics, insulted some Goreans and ended the post.

If it hadn’t been for an article on “Wired’s” webiste
entitled “Spitzer’s E-Escort Plight Shows Workings of Prostitution 2.0”

As Wired reports, the escort service Spritzer allegedly used (not sure we have to say that „alleged“ but prefer erring on the safe side); „n
ow offline, it's described in FBI documents as a professional online storefront offering conveniences like e-mail confirmation of appointments, and linking clients and prostitutes across the United States and Europe.“

Okay, even that Web 2.0 in the title and the common description of SL as a Web 2.0 virtual world wouldn’t really merit continuing this post - had that article not also mentioned similar websites that were still online. In a fit of investigative journalism (and for no other reason) we went to look at them.

Note: When we write „we“ here we mean „I“ as in Eaton.

And we discovered something that surprised us. Take this little test if you will. Read the next two paragraphs and then answer the question.

I am a submissive 19 year old Scorpio, with the capability to deal with all areas of sexual encounters. I have dark long black hair and honey brown eyes. My skin is cocoa and velvet to your touch. I am a petite 5'7" (…) Please give me a call and be ready to enjoy an unrushed, happy, and satisfying experience with me. I am eager and waiting for you!“

I'm a 23 year old slender Asian play toy. I'm almost 5'7 with long straight black hair, button nose, tiny waist, long legs, (…). I'm easy going and I love to have a good time. I am naturally submissive but can switch. I am extremely open minded and can play most anything. I love to try all of your kinkiest fantasies. My goal is to please you and satisfy you.“

Which one is from a Real Life escort and which can be found on the profile of an SL one?

I know, sorry, we know you’re dying from suspense. The answer is: First is RL, second is SL.

Maybe we are (I am) overly innocent to be so surprised about the similarity. But if you’d care for another case of SL mirroring RL you might want to visit this site -
though probably not if you are at work or the wife is looking over your shoulder. It is, basically a data base/advertising site for SL Escorts. While it doesn’t actually hook up clients and escorts it does offer things like reviews, which all sounds pretty Web 2.0-like to me.

And, to tell the truth, enough Web 2.0 for my tastes. Web 2.0 also lives from user generated content. And, think about it for a second: Who wants user generated content stemming from an escort service?


flats said...

Soooo.... now in sims we can be a whore? mate i really want to be a prostitute in that game... cheers!!!!

Eaton said...

Lol, not only you flats! The website I named has almost 300 regustered escorts and that has to be a small fraction of Aves working as escort, call girls, etc. in SL. It's big business there, so corner your market while you can. Cheers!!