Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Not a "No, I don't think that's a good idea" or a "No, better not" or a "No, forget it right now".

Just a "No".

It's one of those "No's" that stretches far into the future and answers any further questions I might have on the matter. It is a decisive, vigorous, all including negative.

And all I did was ask if I could advertise myself as an escort.

I was dancing with Tia at New Hot Sax, a suitably romantic venue, I believed, to pop the question - well at least that one. Having not expected to meet such resistance I fumble for some arguments: "It would be interesting for the blog!" and "I wouldn't actually DO anything". Tia doen't say no again; we both know it's still there.

Let me point out that I don't really want to become a full time escort. I'm not strapped for cash nor really interested in finding myself in a skybox with someone called SensualSue. But two things recently made me think it might be an enlightening endeavour.

First off, I already am an escort. For some reason that escapes me just now I have been invited to join the
Pleasure Palace as an employee and could now, if I wished, run around with the becoming tag "Pleasure Mountain Playmate" dancing above my head. It seems I gained that honour after setting up an ad board in the club (Memo to self: Check places for dance poles before you advertise), which then led the owner to invite me (Memo to self: Don't accept every group offer immediately) It seems I was slithering down that slippery hill to sellable sex anyway.

The second thing that moved me was this very strange fellow who hangs out at the Hot Sax jazz club. Not me - I mean that very, very strange fellow. I've never seen him in anything but a white t-shirt with a red Nike dash on the right breast and jeans. And except for noticing his name I had never paid attention to him until one day Tia chortled: "Take a look at that guy’s profile".

I browsed through a rather confused series of sentences (and I am myself no stranger to confusing sentences) that more or less offered something (Deep compassionate romantic? Webcam?) for nothing (Free sex?) on the basis that the client fit his wishes (Older women? Alive?)

Tia, in a bout of adventurism, decided to go and check him up. She came back shaking her head. Their brief exchange seems to have had the same amount of sizzling erotic as a trip to the dentist.

I was certain I could do better then that!

Well, after Tia's categorical No it seemed that I could not. But I still thought I had one last chance at convincing her, so I turned to the argument many men might use in this situation.

"Would it be okay if the Dragon did it?" (Note to new readers: Find out more about the Dragon here ).

"That would be okay", Tia says.

I'm delighted, the Dragon is delighted and Tia is delighted too - probably because she knows that the Dragon has much chance at getting business as the gentleman at Sax does with his talents.

So, for one brief week the Dragon will now officially enter SL as an escort. A short term escort. If anything happens you’ll read it here first. I hope.